About the Firm

Watson & Jones, P.A. is a general practice business law firm serving clients in the Jackson, Mississippi, metropolitan area and throughout the State of Mississippi. Amidst the proliferation of large law firms in the market today, our attorneys have chosen to practice law in a small firm environment, believing that a relatively small group of talented and experienced lawyers can provide sophisticated clients with a superior level of service in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Having served as general counsel to one of Mississippi’s largest privately held companies, our business lawyers firmly believe that a lawyer who takes the time to understand a client’s business will bring more value to the deal table than a mere technician. To that end, we endeavor to gain an understanding not only of how the client’s business works, but also of the client’s business goals and objectives. Thus, whether negotiating a complex acquisition or divestiture, drafting an important business agreement, organizing and financing a new venture, or planning and developing a retail shopping center, our goal is to become a valued part of the client’s team, utilizing our legal skills and experience to help make the deal happen.

Our litigators understand that litigation is an unwanted distraction for most businesses, and are committed to efficient, earnest and effective advocacy to bring about a satisfactory resolution of the matter. We handle a wide variety of trial work in all state and federal courts in the State of Mississippi and beyond, and have experience with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and arbitration.

We are members of the Mississippi Law Alliance, a network of law firms committed to helping one another meet our clients’ needs.

In addition to the role of advocate and legal counselor, we believe every lawyer should contribute in other ways to the community in which he or she resides. Our attorneys are active in a wide variety of civic, charitable and religious organizations.